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JPA 2.1 introduced 12 new features, like StoreProcedureQueries, Entity Graphs and Attribute Converter, to make your work with the database easier and more efficient.
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Java Weekly 14/15: log4j memory leaks, JBatch monitoring and more...

The Java world is evolving at a rapid pace and it can be challenging to keep track of it. Fortunately lots of great resources are created every week, explaining new features or looking at existing stuff from a different angle.

I am using the Java Weekly series to collect the most interesting links I found during the last week and present them to you all in one place. I hope you find it useful and that it makes it easier for you to keep up-to-date. If you like to suggest a resource or something I can improve on, please leave me a comment.


Mikhail Vorontsov wrote a nice guide about Java Mission Control. If you like to learn more about this tool and how you can use it to profile your application, have a look at: Oracle Java Mission Control: The Ultimate Guide.

Do you use log4j in your applications?
If yes, you should have a look at this short article by Ivan Korhner. He and his colleagues found a memory leak caused by the dynamic creation of log4j loggers. So be careful about creating a new logger for every user.

Vladimir Šor wrote an interesting post about lock contention issues when using the java.util.SecureRandom class. This class should be used to generate cryptographically secure random numbers. Doesn't sound like you and me would need that on a daily basis, does it?
Well, as Vladimir explains in his article, lots of libraries use this class internally. The class is one of them. You can read more about this issue in: Shooting yourself in the foot with Random number generators.

Java EE

Romain Manni-Bucau wrote a short blog post on how to monitor the execution of a JBatch job with a batchlet: JBatch: report about a previous step!

This and that

Daniel Bryant wrote a summary about the session "Recipes for Deploying Java EE Apps with Docker and Kubernetes" given by Arun Gupta at the JavaLand conference. This article gives a nice overview about the session and contains lots of links to other useful resources on this topic: Arun Gupta: Recipes for Deploying Java EE Apps with Docker and Kubernetes.


Last week, the NightHacking team visited the JavaLand conference and recorded a vJUG session on Adopt-a-JSR, a vJUG session on Adopt OpenJDK and a set of interviews. You can find all of them on the NightHacking website.

Upcoming online events

Markus Eisele will present his session Architecting Large Enterprise Java Projects on Wednesday 1st at 5pm UTC at the virtual JUG.

See you next Monday

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If you like to suggest a link for next weeks issue or something I can improve on, please write me a comment.

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