Cheat Sheet: New Features in JPA 2.1

JPA 2.1 introduced 12 new features, like StoreProcedureQueries, Entity Graphs and Attribute Converter, to make your work with the database easier and more efficient.
Download your free New Features in JPA 2.1 cheat sheet now, to get all the information you need to improve your database access.

This 5 page cheat sheet brings you:

- a short description and
- code snippets for each feature,
- links to more detailed articles.

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Links of the week (CW39) - OpenShift, Dukepad, robots ...

Hello and welcome to "Links of the week (CW39)" :-)

As every week, I'd like to share the most interesting blog postings and articles I have read. After posting only three links last week, I prepared something more for this week:

Markus Winand discussed two database related problems, that all developers should know of. They often occur when using ORM tools without thinking about the encapsulated database access:

Diane Mueller posted a short interview with JBoss Developer Stian Thorgersen at But even more interesting is the simple guide on how to setup Wildfly on OpenShift in a DIY cartridge (by Stian Thorgersen):

Konrad Garus discussed several ways to handle file IO if responsiveness is critical:

OK, three educational links shall be enough for this week. But I read some very interesting and (at least for me) entertaining blog postings from JavaOne 2013 which you should not miss:

What do you think about these articles? Did you already try to setup Wildfly on OpenShift? Please leave a comment.
I will definitely setup Wildfly on OpenShift during the next days. And I would love to build the DukePad. But I think I should wait for the pre-made kits they are working on :-D 

JBoss Forge - Speedup your enterprise development - Part II RESTful Webservices

This is the second part of my JBoss Forge series:
In the first part, we installed JBoss Tools to get JBoss Forge eclipse integration. Then we created a Java EE project with the entities Book and Author and generated a web interface based on these entities.

In this second part, we will add a RESTful webservice API to our project.

Links of the week

This week I was busy with setting up this blog and other things. So there are only 3 links I like to share with you:

Chris Ritchie wrote a nice tutorial on how to use the new Java EE 7 Concurrency Utils:
Chris Ritchies Weblog: Simple Concurrency Example with Wildfly

QMX wrote a great post about open source development and the community:

Some of you might already know this page, but I found it this week and I think it's great :)
GitHub created a website to support the developer to choose the right license for their project. They created a nice overview of the most common open source licenses.

JBoss Forge - Speedup your enterprise development

Hello and welcome to my blog!

In my first posting I want to show how to create a maven based Java EE project within 5 minutes with JBoss Forge. We will create a project with two entities (Book and Author) and a web interface to create, search and edit these objects.

This is the first part of my JBoss Forge series: