Cheat Sheet: New Features in JPA 2.1

JPA 2.1 introduced 12 new features, like StoreProcedureQueries, Entity Graphs and Attribute Converter, to make your work with the database easier and more efficient.
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This 5 page cheat sheet brings you:

- a short description and
- code snippets for each feature,
- links to more detailed articles.

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Java Weekly 6/15: Micro Benchmarking, NoSQL with Hibernate, Horror Stories and more ...

The Java world is evolving at a rapid pace and it can be challenging to keep track of it. Fortunately lots of great resources are created every week, explaining new features or looking at existing stuff from a different angle.

I am using the Java Weekly series to collect the most interesting links I found during the last week and present them to you all in one place. I hope you find it useful and that it makes it easier for you to keep up-to-date. If you like to suggest a resource or something I can improve on, please leave me a comment.


Marius Herring created a nice list of code snippets to show how to replace classic loops with the Java 8 stream API. It is always great to see how clean and easy the new code is. The stream API allows us to concentrate on the WHAT and to get rid of (nearly) all of the HOW.

Are you familiar with threads in Java? Than you should check your knowledge with Alex Zhitnitskys list of 5 Things You Never Knew You Can Do with Java Threads. And if not, you can use this article as a start.

How to tackle performance issues? Measure, don't guess! Antonio Goncalves shows how to use the Java Microbenchmarking Harness (JMH) to create proper performance benchmarks: Micro Benchmarking with JMH: Measure, don’t guess!

Lambdas are often a great way to write Java code but they seem to have one drawback: They create lots of objects. Therefore Peter Lawrey tried to find out, if Lambdas are suitable for low latency applications

Java EE

Have you heard about the Hibernate OGM project? It tries to bring JPA and NoSQL databases together. You can learn more about it in the recent hanginar by Arun Gupta and Emmanuel Bernard: Hibernate OGM: NoSQL solutions for Java EE.

This and that

Roberto Cortez posted a new issue of his development horror stories. This time with a real release nightmare: Development Horror Story – Release Nightmare.

In the past, we did a huge upfront design before we started to implement our applications. Then we recognized that this approach has many drawbacks and called it an anti-pattern. We wanted to be agile and keep everything as simple as possible. As we see now, this might be to extreme. We often need at least some design upfront. Petri Kainulainen gives some advice on how to find the right balance in the design process: We Are Gonna Need It.

Are you missing some annotations to express yourself when looking at your colleagues code? Than you should have a look at the Google Annotations Gallery :-)

See you next week!

These were the most interesting resources I found this week. I hope you find them useful and I see you next Monday for the next issue. You can subscribe below to get an email notification for it or follow me on twitter and google+.

If you like to suggest a link for next weeks issue or something I can improve on, please write me a comment.

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