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JPA 2.1 introduced 12 new features, like StoreProcedureQueries, Entity Graphs and Attribute Converter, to make your work with the database easier and more efficient.
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Java Weekly 49: Java doesn't suck, annotations everywhere, free ebooks and more...

The Java world is evolving at a rapid pace and it can be challenging to keep track of it. Fortunately lots of great resources are created every week, explaining new features or looking at existing stuff from a different angle.

I am using the Java Weekly series to collect the most interesting links I found during the last week and present them to you all in one place. I hope you find it useful and that it makes it easier for you to keep up-to-date. If you like to suggest a resource or something I can improve on, please leave me a comment.


James Ward wrote the great post Java Doesn’t Suck – You’re Just Using it Wrong in which he names a list of things that often suck when doing Java development. Quite often the reason for it is not the language, it's the way we do our work. If you like to learn (or get reminded on) how to solve lots of common issues in Java development, you should read his article.

Java EE

Since annotations were introduced about 10 years ago with Java 5, their usage grew massively over the last years. If you have a look at a common Java EE application, everything is annotated. EJBs, CDI beans, entities, you name it. And most of the times two classes of the same kind (e.g. SFSBs) have the same annotations with very small differences in their values. What if we could group these annotations into one and reuse it wherever necessary?
Roberto Cortez wrote a nice article about how you could do it and how clean the code would look afterwards: ANNOTATIONS, ANNOTATIONS EVERYWHERE.

Timeout settings for REST service calls are not standardized by the JAX-RS 2.0 specification. Therefore we need to use proprietary features to create robust REST clients. Markus Eisele and Adam Bien show how to do this for a Resteasy client and a Jersey client in their blog posts.

Arun Gupta published the second issue of his hanginar series. This time he is talking with Lukas Eder about jOOQ and how it relates to JDBC, Java EE, Hibernate, etc.

Java 9

The new JEP 223 suggest a new versioning scheme for Java. If that JEP gets accepted for Java 9, the versioning scheme will FINALLY apply to the well known semantic versioning!
Read more about the proposed JEP and how Java version numbers might look like in future at New Java Version - it's not JDK 1.9.

It was proposed to drop JEP 198: Light-Weight JSON API from Java 9. Abhishek Gupta collected some information about in his post Heads up on Light-Weight JSON API (JEP 198).


I recently finished Java Performance: The Definitive Guide* and I like to recommend it to every experienced Java developer. It is one of the best books about Java performance I have read so far. If you like to learn more about it, have a look at my review: Review "Java Performance: The Definitive Guide" by Scott Oaks.

You might have already seen it on some social media, but I want to mention it here anyway so that no one misses it. Packt Publishing has an advent calendar where they offer one selected book or video per day for free. Most of them so far were not about Java, but come on, most of us are looking into other stuff anyway ;-)

This and that

Are you wondering what Docker is about and if it is of some use for a normal Java developer?
Then you should have a look at Oleg Shelajevs post Docker for Java Developers: How to sandbox your app in a clean environment. He provides a short introduction to Docker and shows how to start your first Java application inside a Docker container.

Upcoming online events

Gavin King will give a talk Ceylon for Java Developers at 5pm UTC on Tuesday 9th at the vJUG.

See you next week!

These were the most interesting resources I found this week. I hope you find them useful and I see you next Monday for the next issue. You can subscribe below to get an email notification for every issue.

If you like to suggest a link for next weeks issue or something I can improve on, please write me a comment.

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